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Kohl's Complaint - bad business
Kohl's Complaint

Kohl's Complaint


bad business

Wow, what a story. I am a Kohl's employee and I see all these posts about the store. Let me just stand up for all the employee's working at our store! We are overworked, unappreciated and it's a shame that upper management let's these airheads (that get hired from other companies and just cause they have college degrees, OH BIG WOW) runs a large store without any or little experience run a store improperly. Our store Manager sits in the office all day long on his phone and does nothing all day. Never has pushed a rack, never helped with freight, never picked up clothes from the floor, never accepts responsibility for things going wrong, never says thank you, never gives credit where credit is due,all he does is sit in the office and talk on the phone and eats the food that people bring back to him during THEIR LUNCH HOUR! He has had several HR complaints about him and you would think by now Corporate HR would get a clue and send people out to interview everyone at the store! BUT NO WE ALL GET PUSHED UNDER THE RUG! The store is overstaffed and yet there are still no employees on the floor to help with customer service issues! Overstaffed being that there are "alot" of people getting 4 hour work weeks, employees complain about not getting hours but still they hire more people! People at the fitting rooms doing go backs are overwhelmed, messy customers who feel that we are getting paid to pick up after them, (which we are NOT), cashiers dealing with rude customers, going into a fitting room and picking up clothes that have urine on them, or sanitary napkins rolled up, (utterly disgusting)! I think that Kohls needs to see all the hard work these employees do and take notice of bad management in the stores. (Which is really WIDE SPREAD!) It's really not worth it all for a 3% yearly increase! (If we are lucky we get 3%)But with the job market the way that it is, we all stay out of necessity and at the same time we all need our jobs no matter how badly we feel that we should quit! Maybe the top management will see all our concerns and get up and do something themselves....why expand and build more stores when they cannot get the ones that have already in shape! Makes no sense at all to grow a company when they have such idiots running the show!

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kalynsmama says: (7 years ago)
i am also a kohl's employee and our store is the same way. we recently got a new manager and she does the exact same thing yours does. i'm a pos associate and she constantly harasses me all day long about credit, but i've never even seen her talk to one person about opening up a charge. she gives me a million projects at one time when we're slow, and then goes back to her office. i understand they're under pressure from their bosses, but i don't understand how they expect any respect when they can't even stop for 5 minutes to fold a table.

lilred says: (9 years ago)
I am a kohls employee to and i am so over wkd and under appreciated . i give it my all and instead of being told great job or thanks i am told u need to do this now or why didnt u finish this to management is always punishing and saying its corporate doing all this wanting all this. corporate sits at their desks and gives us wk like we are robots most probably have never broke a sweat in their lives all the things that are said and done from them they are human just like me be realistic u know limits what ppl are capable of

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